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Ask any concrete repair professional – slabjacking is usually the best method for fixing damaged concrete.

Otherwise known as mudjacking, slabjacking is recommended over slab replacement for the repair of sunken sidewalks, uneven patios, cracked driveways, sagging porch steps and other settlement-related concrete damage.

But why is slabjacking considered the best concrete repair solution, especially when compared to slab replacement?

Slabjacking Is Faster and Easier than Slab Replacement

Removing and replacing a damaged slab can take days, particularly when you factor in the curing time. Plus, the process creates loads of dirt, dust and noise – not to mention the risk of damage to the surrounding landscaping.

Slabjacking is much faster. Most repair projects take only an hour or two to complete, and the concrete doesn’t need time to cure. The surface is ready for light use immediately, and the slab can handle heavy weight within a few hours.

Slabjacking Costs Less than Slab Replacement

Slabjacking isn’t just faster and easier than slab replacement – it also comes at a much lower price.

Tearing out and pouring a new slab typically costs two or three times as much as mudjacking. And, replacing a damaged slab doesn’t address the underlying soil problems like slabjacking does, which means the newly-poured concrete could settle and crack in the future.

Slabjacking Concrete Repair Is Less Noticeable than Slab Replacement

Matching the color and texture of a new slab to the surrounding concrete can be quite difficult. As a result, replacement slabs often stand out – and not in a good way.

Slabjacking, on the other hand, leaves very little noticeable evidence behind. The process requires just a few small holes to be drilled in the slab, and once the lifting is complete, the holes and cracks are caulked and sealed to provide a uniform appearance.

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