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Fix Settled Concrete for These Important Reasons

Fixing settled concrete is important for many reasons that go beyond the aesthetics.

Unfortunately, many homeowners do not view this repair task as a priority. After all, cracked sidewalks, driveways, patios and garage floors are common. And, if your friends and neighbors aren’t getting their damage repaired, why should you?

You should repair settled concrete promptly because damaged slabs can create a variety of problems, including safety and liability hazards, and even reduce the value of your home.

Settled Concrete is Hazardous

The cracks and uneven areas in a damaged slab are trip hazards. Anyone walking on the surface could easily slip, trip or fall and suffer an injury. If that happens, they could sue.

If the court finds that you knew about the problem – or that you should have known about it – and failed to have it repaired, you will have to pay for the injured person’s medical costs and lost wages.

Repair any concrete trip hazards on your property and you won’t have this worry.

Settled Concrete is Unsightly

Have you ever heard someone say that a sunken slab looks great? No? That’s because damaged concrete is an eyesore.

You may not mind the appearance, but chances are, you won’t live in your current home forever. If you decide to sell your home at some point, potential buyers will be turned off by the cracked slabs. Real estate experts recommend fixing damaged concrete before you try to sell your property, so why not take care of the problem now?

Not to mention, living with settled and uneven slabs can be irritating. Tasks like shoveling snow, riding a bike and pushing a baby stroller are more difficult on a damaged or uneven surface. Why put up with these types of annoyances, when you can restore your sunken slabs to a level and even position?

Concrete Settlement Creates Drainage Problems

Uneven, cracked slabs can present an issue for proper water drainage around your home.

Rain and melting snow may not flow where it’s supposed to, and you may end up finding puddles of water on your property. Improper drainage can lead to foundation damage – a costly problem to fix and one that can affect the structural integrity of your home.

Repair your sunken concrete now to prevent this from happening.

Mudjacking Is an Easy Way to Fix Settled Concrete

Mudjacking is the easiest and least expensive way to repair settled or damaged concrete. It works to restore integrity, stability and a level, even appearance to a damaged slab.

The mudjacking process is simple and quick. After drilling a few small holes through the cracked slab, a professional contractor pumps a cement slurry into the underlying soil voids below. The resulting pressure lifts the slab back to its original, level position.

When you have mudjacking repair, your concrete will no longer decrease your curb appeal and it won’t cause any problems with your property. No more worries about someone tripping, no more drainage issues and no more annoyances.

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