Concrete slabs have many uses for buildings and homes. They bear the brunt of many daily activities, but they’re not invincible. Erosion is a hidden threat to their stability that can lead to substantial damage if left unaddressed. Read on to explore the common causes of erosion under concrete slabs.

Water Runoff

Water can erode and wear down even the strongest structure over time. When rain or snowmelt flows beneath concrete, it gradually erodes the soil, creating pockets of emptiness that threaten the support system of the slab. The velocity and volume of the water affect the rate of erosion; high runoff levels rapidly destabilize the soil, setting in motion the relentless cycle of decay.

Bad Drainage

When drainage systems are inadequate, whether in design or maintenance, they become passive conduits for destructive water infiltration. The resulting pooling and concentrated flow intensify the erosive capabilities of water runoff, creating a slippery slope toward compromised soil health and concrete stability.

Soil Composition

Soil type might not be a point of daily fascination, but it determines the pace at which erosion occurs. Sandy soils easily give in to the forces of water movement. Dense clay soils can resist erosion for a longer period. Understanding your soil’s composition informs the urgency of preventative measures and the materials you might consider to reinforce it against erosion.

Visible Warning Signs

Visible cracks in a concrete slab are often manifestations of more profound issues, including erosion. These crevices are natural distress signals, marking where soil erosion has compromised the structural integrity of the slab. With each new crack, your concrete’s support diminishes, and the risk of catastrophic failure or uneven settling increases.

The Consequences of Inaction

Ignoring erosion is a gamble that no homeowner should take. Beyond the aesthetic decline caused by cracks and uneven surfaces, a more insidious threat to safety lingers. Erosion weakens concrete slabs, increasing the likelihood of collapse, potential injury, and significant property damage. The longer you ignore erosion, the more extensive and costly the repairs will be.

Erosion Prevention Tips

Grading and drainage systems are your first line of defense against erosion. Directing water away from your concrete structures is foundational for preserving them. Regular inspections and maintenance are additional fortifications against the threat of erosion.

Seeking Professional Help

If you notice the telltale signs of erosion or wish to fortify your defenses, don’t hesitate to call the experts at Creative Concrete Raising. Our knowledgeable team provides concrete raising and concrete caulking in Roseville and Sterling Heights, Michigan. We’ll help you fix any concrete erosion issue!

The fight against concrete slab erosion starts with understanding the common causes. The best thing you can do is contact Creative Concrete Raising and let the professionals handle the rest. Then, you can rest assured that you’ve protected your property.