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8 Concrete Slab Leveling Advantages

Does your have damaged concrete? Slab leveling, or slabjacking, is one repair method you should definitely consider.

Slabjacking works to raise and stabilize sunken sidewalks, sagging porch steps, uneven driveways, cracked patios and just about any other settled outdoor slab. And, in most cases, concrete leveling is the best repair option.

How so? The following advantages of concrete slab leveling should explain everything you need to know.

No. 1: Cost

Simply put, concrete leveling is the cheapest way to repair a settled slab. Tearing out and replacing damaged concrete typically costs two to three times more, and polyjacking – a similar repair to slabjacking – also comes in at a higher price.

No. 2: Value

Unlike slab replacement, slabjacking addresses the cause of concrete settlement – the voids in the soil underneath. During the concrete leveling process, the air pockets are filled, leaving the slab stable and secure.

No. 3: Longevity

Because slabjacking works to fill voids in the underlying soil, the repair offers long-lasting results. Most settled slabs that are restored through concrete leveling remain intact and stabilized for at least 8 to 10 years.

No. 4: Time

Slab replacement can take a week or two to complete – it’s a much slower repair method than slabjacking. Most concrete slab leveling projects are finished within a short couple of hours.

No. 5: Readiness

Tearing out and replacing damaged concrete isn’t just a slow-going repair – it also comes with a lengthy waiting period, as it can take a month or more for the new slab to be cured. With slabjacking, the surface is ready for light use immediately, and the slab can handle heavy weight in as soon as a few hours.

No. 6: Tidiness

Slab replacement is a pretty messy project, and the repair work could wreak havoc on the nearby landscaping. With concrete leveling, this isn’t a worry. Plus, if any of the slabjacking mixture is spilled, a damp rag can easily wipe it away.

No. 7: Uniformity

Replacing damaged concrete often results in a slab that is a noticeably different color and texture than its neighbors – getting an exact match to older slabs is next to impossible. With slabjacking, the original slab remains in place, so evidence of the repair work is not easily seen.

No. 8: Sustainability

Slabjacking is an eco-friendly repair method. The work requires very little fossil fuel energy and results in no waste. In addition, the slabjacking mixture is made of ingredients that are completely natural. No doubt, when it comes to sustainability, concrete leveling has slab replacement beat.

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